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There are probably hundreds of CBD oil or related products in the market and they all are different in many aspects. The factors that highlight the differences are the choice of source, quality of extraction material, and skills of the armed personnel.

Can you use Blue Moon CBD Oil For Dogs or not? Let’s figure that out…

In The Blue Moons Company, we can rest assured of the quality of all these steps as we know that this company follows the rule of “Seed to Seal” and personally take care of CBD at all levels of production right from the harvesting till the packaging.

Blue Moon is the most trusted brand when it came to CBD products and merely anyone can compete with them in their quality and functionality.

The Blue Moon is best because they are using purest and high-quality ingredients to make CBD products and are still trying their best to keep the products somewhat affordable.

Maybe you feel afraid before using it for your dear feline buddy because you may have heard some horror stories from others but, let me assure you this CBD oil is harmless with 0%THC, that means it will just lay a good effect on your pet’s health.

Blue Moon CBD oil for Dogs& Cats

Without further ado, let’s see the list of miraculous CBD Oils offered by The Blue Moon for our precious feline friends.

To help you further and farther, here’s a comparison table so you can compare the products in one glance and can decide with full confidence.

CBD oil for petsFeaturesPrice
TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 1000mg  33mg / 1ML serving0% THCCheck Price
TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 500mg  17mg / 1ML servingHaving all-natural ingredientsCheck Price
TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 250mg  8mg / 1ML servingSafe Ingredients  Check Price
TruBlu Bluefin Tuna – CBD Cat Tincture 250mg  8mg / 1MLOutstanding Effectiveness  Check Price
CBD Dog Treats  5mg serving18 pieces in one pouchCheck Price

Let’s get started to find the treats;

TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 1000mg

This Blue Moon Tincture 1000mg oil comes in traditional dark blue and black glass bottle packing which is the signature mark of the Blue Moon. The glass dropper bottle clearly states that the product is completely THC free.

Pets, especially dogs and cats, find help in getting rid of stress, anxiety, and depression and do better at easing their loneliness as this CBD encourages exercise and playfulness in them.

The daily intake of CBD can even improve their cardiovascular health. This CBD tincture promises to take care of your dog’s health in true words.


These Blue Moon Hemp CBD Pet Tinctures are THC-free and come in flavors your pet will love. This is proudly offering a nice blend of Cold-Pressed Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, CBD, and Natural flavors

It’s made with natural flavors, and of course, hemp-derived CBD. It means it is completely harmless for your pet.

This oil contains 0 percentage of THC which means you can give it to your pets without any fear of altered mental state in your mind.

Also, the product is made by the USA grown hemp which means the quality is kept under control even before extraction to assure greater compatibility and quality.

If you promise to store it in a cool dry place with care, this tincture will surely last long.

The versatility of Use:

For best results, shake it well before use. As it’s for pets, this tincture can be added in an adequate amount to the pet’s food.

Also, if easy, you can just rip some drops of CBD tincture directly in their mouth.

You can increase or decrease the serving size as needed. The suggestion is, do not try to overuse as an excess of everything is bad and, although it’s highly safe, it may work unexpectedly.

Make sure your pet has eaten something before you are feeding it to your pet. Not recommended for use on an empty stomach.

Things to remember:

To preserve it for a long time store it in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, and humidity to preserve the quality of both aroma and taste.

Contact your veterinarian before use with other medications.

TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 500mg

Just like the previously stated tincture, this Purest CBD occultation is offering a complete of 500mg CBD serving within the 30ml traditional blue and black themed glass bottle. Same as above, you get around 17mg CBD serving per ml.

It’s a THC-free CBD oil tincture designed specifically for our four-legged friends via cold-pressed technology.


Blue Moon Hemp TruBlu Bacon Flavored Dog CBD Oil Tincture is a THC Free Bacon Flavored CBD Oil designed specifically for canine creatures with plenty of benefits.

TruBlu is one amongst Blue Moon’s best-selling CBD Tinctures and is a popular formulation so far, offered with unique K9 flavor options.

This Blue Moon hemp Dog CBDformula is 99% pure CBD that combines cold-pressed virgin hemp seed oil with the natural Bacon flavor that dogs are going to love for sure.

Blue Moon Hemp uses Nano-Technology and high-speed mixture methods to form a list of the molecules which ends in greater bio-availability

The versatility of use:

Mix the CBD with the Food of your pets. If there’s one thing all dogs have in common, it’s that they LOVE bacon, and will eat all day if you allow them to.

These dogs will quickly empty their bowls if you feed them their favorite meal. If you wish to offer your dog with CBD, this bacon-flavored tincture is probably the best choice as it mimics their favorite food.

Shake well before using it.

Things to remember:

Keep out the reach of kids. Overdose of CBD in dogs can cause various side effects like dry mouth or excessive panting.Also, it may negatively affect or decrease the assembly of saliva.

Overdosing can also cause drowsiness in dogs. For long time freshness, keep in mind the storage SOP of CBD tincture that demands to be kept in dry places away from excessive heat or humidity.

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